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Chairman's Greeting


the center of peace and prosperity on the Korean Peninsula!
"Peace belt on the Korean Peninsula" is needed to prepare for unification and balanced national development.

LEE Hyeon Jong

       Chairman of CPRI  

Welcome to Cheorwon Plasma Research Institute (CPRI) website.
CPRI was established in March 2006 under the approval of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE) as a specialized research institute for "activation of plasma industry" being promoted as a regional strategic industry by provincial government Gangwon-do and Cheorwon-gun.

National economic paradigm has been changed into high value-added system based on the characteristics, such as high-performance, multi-functional, compact and lightweight materials required from the advent of the era of the 4th industrial revolution. In order to solve these various demands related to the advancement of such industries, nano composite materials and quantum dot(QD) technologies are required.

In this regard, we need to effect sustainable growth engines and core technologies by developing industrial complex in Cheorwon-gun, building an optimal infrastructure and attracting small and medium sized company in the field of various high-tech industries with management support, joint R&D of relevant technologies, and productivity improvement support.

Thank you for your interest and encouragement to the new challenges of Cheorwon Plasma Research Institute.

Thank you!