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President's Message

Cheorwon, the center of inter - Korean economic cooperation!
We will do our best to serve our role performance of local technological innovation hub driving plasma technology

Hwang Myung Keun 

            President of CPRI  

CPRI’s plasma nano new materials and QD technologies enable beneficiation through prior occupation of specialized product by applying in the field of automobile (LED & OLED, Display, E-mobility), information communication, electric and electronics (ICT, IoT, Smart farm, Connected technology), energy (LIB, ESS, PV, BIPV), bio medical, healthcare, etc.

Accordingly, CPRI will support that make it possible to have world-class materials, parts, finished products by discovering and fostering related companies, and will become a cornerstone of regional economic growth and job creation as a channel between new industrial regional poles and exchanging advanced technologies.

Plasma industrial complex development project (planed to be completed in the area of Geunnam-myeon sagok-ri by end of 2019) will be a new growth engine for the future of Cheorwon-gun. Through this, we will strive to make an important opportunity and background for the industrial development of Gangwon-do and Cheorwon-gun.

Our researchers will play a role as a hub of regional technological innovation that trains plasma technology and will do its best to serve as a specialized research institute by fostering new industries in the region.

Thank you.