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Vision / Mission
VISION Plasma based R&BD Hub by 2030

Applying Cheorwon-Gun’s Infrastructure

     - CPRI's Equipment & Facilities

     - Promoting Paprika-Tomato Farm household Income
Research Innovation connecting to the 4th Industrial Revolution

     - Linkage with Government Policies

     - Nano materials, QD/Photonics (ICT/IoT)    
Driving Internationally Accredited Testing Laboratory   

     - Reliability Improvement Technology of Materials and Parts
Stable Profits 

     - Planning and Driving National Research Projects

     - 3 ~ 5 billion /year (25 billion for 5 years)

Job Creation

     - More than 10 employees per year

     - Totally 100 employees for 5 years 


System Maintenance Task Optimization

     - Groupware, Electronic Approval
Regional Specialization Financial Independence based on Stable Profits

     - Plant growth, Smart farm, Rock utilization
Expand New Projects for Enhancement of the Industrial Structure

     - Nanocomposite materials, QD
Foster & Support Regional Specialization Industry

     - QD, Photonics/Display, Nano Powder
Strengthen Network Cooperation

     - Industry-University-Research-Local Government